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Have a craving for something chocolate? Maybe a rich chocolate brownie? Worried you will cave in and eat the whole pan? Never fear! Try this Brownie in a Mug for One!

Have a craving for something chocolate? Maybe a rich chocolate brownie?  However you know if you make a whole pan you will eat more than you should? Like half the pan? Eeek! Never fear! I have discovered a brownie that is cleaned up, cooks in less than 2 minutes and oh so rich! Can it […]

5 tips for station on your healthy eating plan when on vacation.

Summer time is filled with vacations, travel, weekend get-a-ways, and visits from friends. We have traveled more this summer than we have stayed home. I am proud to say that I planned indulgences (after all I do love food) but have basically stuck to my plan! I may not have lost weight but I maintained and […]

Indulged a bit too much? No worries! Here are tips to get back on track!

WasJOIN US! Are you interested or thinking about changing your lifestyle to clean, healthy eating? We offer FREE COACHING and ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY GROUPS!!!! If you want a discount on Shakeology, ask me how! If you are not working with a coach sign up with ME as your FREE COACH! Just fill out the form below! your […]

Healthy, happy, 4th of July: No regrets!

The long 4th of July weekend is upon us. That means time with family, adorable grandchildren, friends and an outdoor food bonanza! You have been working hard to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  Often after a weekend of food, fun and celebration we feel regrets for making not so healthy choices, giving in […]

Controlling sugar cravings! Don't let them make you sad!

One of the most common challenges both myself and my challengers face is SUGAR CRAVINGS!!!  You know, the overwhelming feeling of needing something sweet after meals, when stressed and when happy. I guess that covers just about the entire day! And don’t forget the LOVE of sweets! I do love sweets of all kinds, cookies, […]

Tips to avoid holiday party traps!

This time of the year can be challenging! All those parties and holiday meals can lead you to feel trapped into over eating or drinking.  We all indulge ourselves a little and should but that does not mean we can give ourselves a licence to eat and drink everything we come across.  This is especially true […]