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A Peanut Butter Cookie for One! This cookie is gluten free! It is made with oat flour but you could substitute other flour if desired. It is free of refined sugar using pure maple syrup and applesauce instead.

Peanut butter lovers unite! Here is a recipe for making just one peanut butter cookie!  Most of you know that I love cookies right out of the oven! You may also have learned that to keep from over indulging on cookie dough and eating a dozen hot from the oven cookies, I make just one! […]

Oatmeal Bowls: Quick and easy prep! Healthy too!

Winter means chilly mornings! I love my Shakeology for breakfast but there are days when something quick and warm for breakfast or a mid morning snack is in order. Something that will, as my mother used to say, will stick to your ribs. For me that is oatmeal. A steamy, fruity, slightly sweet bowl of […]

Donuts Gone Clean! These donuts have been cleaned up! Gluten free and whole wheat flour versions and no refined sugar!

I will admit it, I absolutely love sweets and donuts are no exceptions.  As a young child I loved those sugary delights especially chocolate frosted with sprinkles or those coated with powdered sugar…. In high school I got my first job working in a….you guessed it, donut shop!  I was a good worker making sure […]

Cleaned-Up Valentine Cupcakes! Simple sweet and contain no refined sugar, oils or wheat flour!

Who remembers making Valentine cards out of lacy doily’s, construction paper, glue, tissue paper and glitter?  I also have wonderful memories of Valentine baking with my mom. Cookies, candies and cupcakes were always on her list and she never hesitated to let us help. The kitchen had flour and sugar everywhere when we were done as well as […]

The Healthy Crock-Pot: Hot Apple Dump Dessert This apple filled dessert has the same flavors as apple pie without the guilt of a fattening crust. If you use gluten free granola it becomes a gluten free dessert.

Crock-pots are not just for dinner! They can be quite handy in preparing other meals including warm, comforting yummy desserts. Desserts that are healthy so you do not have to feel guilty about indulging yourself. Crock-pot desserts are a perfect treat for chilly days.  This apple filled dessert has the same flavors as apple pie without the guilt […]

Cleaned-Up Cookies: Chocolate Crinkles: A family favorite! Chocolate cookies covered in organic powdered sugar. Gluten free.

Chocolate crinkles are a much loved cookie in this household. Chocolate balls of dough covered in powdery confectioner sugar…..mmm.  These are always included in our holiday cookie line up but are good anytime of the year!  While it is impossible to make the calories disappear I was able to clean them up a bit.  I […]

Cleaned-Up Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving is one holiday that I eat what I want! However you can make a few things healthier and pumpkin pie is one of those things! No wheat flour or white refined sugar in this pie!

This is the first Thanksgiving in a long time that I will not be cooking! We are going to my sister’s home to celebrate with her and her family. However my husband wanted some pumpkin pie this weekend.  I was so excited because this is the perfect opportunity to, you guessed it, experiment!  I researched […]

Cleaned Up Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats: gooey crunchy, sticky deliciousness!

Who doesn’t love rice crispy treats? Crunchy, gooey, sticky sweetness mmm…. And what about the ones made with peanut butter and butterscotch? They were my favorite! Now that the “littles” (grandchildren) are here I wanted to be able to share the fun of making these crispy delights as well as eating them.  So I decided […]

Pumpkin Muffins: gluten free and refined sugar free

I can’t tell you all how much I love pumpkin!  My husband loves muffins and sweet breads.  So I decided to try and clean up a muffin recipe to be a bit healthier.  These muffins are sweet so watch how many you eat! Hubby ate 6 for breakfast, right out of the oven (he has […]

Oh Sugar! : Cleaner Substitutes for White Sugar

Oh Sugar! Cleaner Substitutes for Refined White Sugar This family loves their sweets! Although we have cut way back on eating sweets there are times when you just have to have a little something sweet! It is important to keep in mind that no matter what sweeteners you use they should be used in moderation…they […]