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You have planned your menu for the week and prepped your food.  You have made a commitment to yourself to eat healthier.  But you wonder how long will it keep? 

You have planned your menu for the week and prepped your food.  You have made a commitment to yourself to eat healthier.  But you wonder how long will the food keep? How long will it stay fresh? When do you toss it in the garbage? In the past when I prepped used to simply rinse […]

Indulged a bit too much? No worries! Here are tips to get back on track!

WasJOIN US! Are you interested or thinking about changing your lifestyle to clean, healthy eating? We offer FREE COACHING and ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY GROUPS!!!! If you want a discount on Shakeology, ask me how! If you are not working with a coach sign up with ME as your FREE COACH! Just fill out the form below! your […]

Healthy, happy, 4th of July: No regrets!

The long 4th of July weekend is upon us. That means time with family, adorable grandchildren, friends and an outdoor food bonanza! You have been working hard to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  Often after a weekend of food, fun and celebration we feel regrets for making not so healthy choices, giving in […]

Spring Clean"EAT"ing Challenge! Commit to 21 Days of clean eating! Clean up your diet and refresh your body!

Who is up for a 21 Day Spring Clean”EAT”ing Challenge? Who can’t remember their New Years Resolution, who has  fallen off the bandwagon, or are hanging on by a thread? Who has dreams of wearing a cute summer clothes AND feeling GOOD in them?  In the spring we focus on cleaning up and refreshing our […]

Easy, healthy and delicious! These adorable muffins will delight all from kids to adults!

We just finished one of the most fun FREE 5 Day groups yet! A Healthy Muffin Tin Recipe Group! So many wonderful recipes were shared.  Who knew that muffin tins could be so versatile?  They are not just for icing topped cupcakes and sugar filled muffins! They can be used for healthy breakfasts, side dishes, […]

Slow Cooker Honey Balsamic Pork Roast: Easy and delicious!

We woke up at 3:00 this morning, yes 3 a.m…. To travel back to North Carolina from Pennsylvania. The idea was to avoid traffic through Washington DC and northern Virginia. It worked and we got home around 9:00 AM. Bleary eyed and tired but not able to sleep due to drinking coffee to stay awake […]

Back to Basics Menu Plan

It is that time of year! Back to School!  It is also a great time of year to get back to the basics of clean eating. After a summer of fun and a bit of over indulgence here and there it is time for me to get back on track. Time to dial in that […]

You can have your sweets and eat the too on a healthy clean eating plan!

A clean eating, portion controlled menu plan CAN include sweet treats.    You do have to do a little work but you don’t have to say goodbye to desserts and other treats forever!  On the 21 Day Fix and Country Heat Programs you can actually have up to 3 yellow treats a week.  And do not […]

Sweet Treats on a clean eating plan? Absolutely? !

OK,  so we have all gone off the deep end diving into a box of cookies, eating a carton of ice cream or helping ourselves to a huge hunk of cake.  And we have all experienced the guilt that follows… But have no fear! You can absolutely have sweets and treats on a healthy clean eating plan! You […]

Country Heat Menu Plan! Clean, Healthy, Portion Controlled

We are so excited about Country Heat, Autumn Calabrese’s new fitness program that has just been released! It is a foot stomping, toe tapping,  heel kicking good time that works up a sweat to burn calories and melt the fat away! Each exercise routine is just 30 minutes long and is over in a flash […]