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What about those teaspoons on the 21 Day Fix? Oils and Nut Butters

On the 21 Day Fix Plan you are allowed 2 or more teaspoons of oil, nut, or seed butters a day depending upon your calorie bracket.  In her book FIXATE Autumn Calabrese does cook with butter in some recipes.  Fats have received a bad rep in the diet world.  However many fats and oils can actually be […]

21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey!

These tips are a bit different than your usual culinary tips for success on your diet or healthy eating plan. We all know what we eat and how much we eat significantly impacts our bodies and health.  However, did you ever consider that you’re eating environment (not just your table) also has a significant impact […]