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A Peanut Butter Cookie for One! This cookie is gluten free! It is made with oat flour but you could substitute other flour if desired. It is free of refined sugar using pure maple syrup and applesauce instead.

Peanut butter lovers unite! Here is a recipe for making just one peanut butter cookie!  Most of you know that I love cookies right out of the oven! You may also have learned that to keep from over indulging on cookie dough and eating a dozen hot from the oven cookies, I make just one! […]

Chocolate Chip Mug Cake: A cake that serves 1! No leftovers to pick at day after day!

You are home alone.  It is late. You have a craving for something sweet and only cake will satisfy your craving…. What to do?  If you make a cake you will eat not just one piece but a sliver here and there until it is gone.  Then you will feel guilty and kick yourself for […]

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie for 1! Gluten free!

So you have been eating healthy and you have a craving for a gooey chocolate chip cookie… To be truthful any right out of the oven cookie would suffice.  However if you make a batch of cookies you will eat a few spoonfuls of the dough to make sure it tastes okay.  Then when those […]

Have a craving for something chocolate? Maybe a rich chocolate brownie? Worried you will cave in and eat the whole pan? Never fear! Try this Brownie in a Mug for One!

Have a craving for something chocolate? Maybe a rich chocolate brownie?  However you know if you make a whole pan you will eat more than you should? Like half the pan? Eeek! Never fear! I have discovered a brownie that is cleaned up, cooks in less than 2 minutes and oh so rich! Can it […]

Gluten Free Zucchini Pineapple Bread! So good no one will notice it is gluten free!

Summertime!  That means fresh vegetables! That also means an abundance of zucchini!  Luckily this vegetable is one of our favorites.  It is so versatile.  You can steam it, bake it, roast it, grill it, fry it, use it in place of noodles, eat it raw in salads or with dip and bake with it!  Our […]

One skillet dinner! Easy to make and quick to clean up. Not to mention it is delicious!

There are days when I get home late, have a million things to do and need to put together a quick healthy dinner that tastes delicious and will also satisfy my husband and grand kids. I do have several requirements for cooking on these whirlwind days.  Not only is quick and easy preparation a must but […]

Almond Espresso Protein Balls! Sure to satisfy a craving for something sweet

I have been seeing and reading recipes for protein balls. I kept telling myself that I was going to give one a try but have not gotten around to it until the other day. I was looking for a little something sweet to munch on, to satisfy a craving as I kept seeing all the […]

You can't be anything but happy when you have a cupcake! Especially these rich chocolaty spiderweb cakes!

Cupcakes are those sweet delights that put a smile on your face! They make ordinary days special and holidays and special occasions downright delightful!  How can anyone be sad when they have a cupcake! So this Halloween I was determined to make “cleaner” cupcakes. Most cupcakes are full of  “scary ingredients” such as processed ingredients, […]

Ice cream is always the perfect treat on a hot day or after a long workout but if you are trying to eat clean all of that added sugar does not go with your plan! So what is one to do? Make your own of course! And what better for your base than Shakeology!  This […]

Sweet Treats on a clean eating plan? Absolutely? !

OK,  so we have all gone off the deep end diving into a box of cookies, eating a carton of ice cream or helping ourselves to a huge hunk of cake.  And we have all experienced the guilt that follows… But have no fear! You can absolutely have sweets and treats on a healthy clean eating plan! You […]