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You can have your sweets and eat the too on a healthy clean eating plan!

A clean eating, portion controlled menu plan CAN include sweet treats.    You do have to do a little work but you don’t have to say goodbye to desserts and other treats forever!  On the 21 Day Fix and Country Heat Programs you can actually have up to 3 yellow treats a week.  And do not […]

Country Heat Menu Plan! Clean, Healthy, Portion Controlled

We are so excited about Country Heat, Autumn Calabrese’s new fitness program that has just been released! It is a foot stomping, toe tapping,  heel kicking good time that works up a sweat to burn calories and melt the fat away! Each exercise routine is just 30 minutes long and is over in a flash […]

These crab cakes are quick and easy to make! Best of all they fit nicely into a clean eating healthy meal plan!

Growing up in Maryland I was raised on blue crabs! In the summertime that meant early morning trips to the whole sale fish market to buy bushels of crabs for neighborhood crab feasts.  Crab feasts were not complete without paper covered tables, wooden mallets and melted butter for dipping!  The butter added quite a few […]

Savory Sweet Potato Hash! A perfect Country Heat Meal

Country Heat is my new favorite fitness program by Autumn Calabrese the developer of 21 Day Fix.  It is a cardio dance fitness program that has you working up a sweat without you even realizing it until you are finished. Why?  Because it is foot stomping, toe tapping, heel kicking fun!   It is a great […]