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You can't be anything but happy when you have a cupcake! Especially these rich chocolaty spiderweb cakes!

Cupcakes are those sweet delights that put a smile on your face! They make ordinary days special and holidays and special occasions downright delightful!  How can anyone be sad when they have a cupcake! So this Halloween I was determined to make “cleaner” cupcakes. Most cupcakes are full of  “scary ingredients” such as processed ingredients, […]

Cleaned-Up Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving is one holiday that I eat what I want! However you can make a few things healthier and pumpkin pie is one of those things! No wheat flour or white refined sugar in this pie!

This is the first Thanksgiving in a long time that I will not be cooking! We are going to my sister’s home to celebrate with her and her family. However my husband wanted some pumpkin pie this weekend.  I was so excited because this is the perfect opportunity to, you guessed it, experiment!  I researched […]

Cleaned Up Cookies: Pumpkin Bites: Flourless, sugarless taste of fall!

Cleaned-Up Cookies: Pumpkin Bites It is fall! And fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweaters, and pumpkin! I love everything pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin chili, and of course pumpkin COOKIES!  This recipe is “cleaned up”.  It uses almond flour/meal in place of white flour and coconut sugar or organic raw brown sugar in […]

Cleaned Up Cookies! Fourless, sugarless Cinnamon Cookies

This family loves their sweets!  Cookies are near and dear to us.  Cleaner versions of our favorites are absolutely necessary.  This cinnamon cookie is reminiscent of snickerdoodles.  Who doesn’t love snickerdoodles? This version results in a softer cookie that is not quite as sweet.  It does not contain flour or white sugar.  Instead it is made with […]

Healthy Biscuits

Biscuits made CLEAN & they were delicious! We took on the good ol’ biscuit and made it CLEAN but it had to also meet the approval of a 2 year old and a Grandpa. This recipe was a success! These are simple to make. We are currently staying in a rental condo and have to […]