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Caramel Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino! A great way to start the day!

I have little time in the mornings to sit and eat breakfast.  I do have time for coffee as I drive into work.  And I do love dessert…..  This Caramel Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino fits the bill for breakfast on the go!  It is delicious and much healthier that a store bought frappuccino because you control […]

I have decided I needed to make a Shift.  I have felt like I have been in a rut lately… Have you ever felt like that? I needed to get back on track, back in my groove. I needed to re-energize my workout and recommit to a healthy nutrition plan. I have been maintaining but […]

Indulged a bit too much? No worries! Here are tips to get back on track!

WasJOIN US! Are you interested or thinking about changing your lifestyle to clean, healthy eating? We offer FREE COACHING and ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY GROUPS!!!! If you want a discount on Shakeology, ask me how! If you are not working with a coach sign up with ME as your FREE COACH! Just fill out the form below! your […]

Healthy, happy, 4th of July: No regrets!

The long 4th of July weekend is upon us. That means time with family, adorable grandchildren, friends and an outdoor food bonanza! You have been working hard to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  Often after a weekend of food, fun and celebration we feel regrets for making not so healthy choices, giving in […]

Tips to avoid holiday party traps!

This time of the year can be challenging! All those parties and holiday meals can lead you to feel trapped into over eating or drinking.  We all indulge ourselves a little and should but that does not mean we can give ourselves a licence to eat and drink everything we come across.  This is especially true […]

Almond Espresso Protein Balls! Sure to satisfy a craving for something sweet

I have been seeing and reading recipes for protein balls. I kept telling myself that I was going to give one a try but have not gotten around to it until the other day. I was looking for a little something sweet to munch on, to satisfy a craving as I kept seeing all the […]

Ice cream is always the perfect treat on a hot day or after a long workout but if you are trying to eat clean all of that added sugar does not go with your plan! So what is one to do? Make your own of course! And what better for your base than Shakeology!  This […]

A simple but delicious Shakeology recipe!

I did not think that I was going to like Vanilla Shakeology.  But it is one of my favorites!  It is so versatile, you are only limited by your imagination!   Some mornings I am in a hurry and just want a simple shake to blend and grab and drink on my way into work. […]

If you love oatmeal cookies you will love this Shakeology recipe ! With oatmeal and cinnamon added to vanilla Shaleology it tastes like an oatmeal cookie in a glass!

In this family we love cookies!  Oatmeal cookies are one of our favorites!  By adding oatmeal and cinnamon to my morning Shakeology I have a great breakfast that tastes like a cookie!  A combination of water and unsweetened almond milk adds just the right amount of creaminess to this shake. Although vanilla Shakeology is healthy […]

This unusual combination comes together to create a delicious and healthy morning frappuccino!

Who would have ever guessed that a frappuccino could be so healthy?  When you use Cafe Latte Shakeology it can! This Shakeology recipe combines a group of unusual  ingredients to create a delicious morning breakfast or anytime of the day snack!  The banana makes this frappuccino just a bit creamier and sweeter, the almond butter […]