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This is sure to satisfy the steak and potato lovers in your home. It is easy to prepare and clean up. And it is healthy!

Roasting meat and vegetables together in one pan is an easy way to make a truly delicious meal out of almost anything. Just switch up ingredients and seasonings for an unlimited variety of combinations. It is a super quick and easy way to have a healthy, delicious dinner on the table during those busy week […]

Easy, healthy and delicious! These adorable muffins will delight all from kids to adults!

We just finished one of the most fun FREE 5 Day groups yet! A Healthy Muffin Tin Recipe Group! So many wonderful recipes were shared.  Who knew that muffin tins could be so versatile?  They are not just for icing topped cupcakes and sugar filled muffins! They can be used for healthy breakfasts, side dishes, […]

Black Bean and Chicken Tostadas! Quick, easy, clean, healthy and FUN!

Have you ever come home after a long day and needed to get dinner on the table pronto!  These tostadas are amazing! Easy, quick and healthy! And did I say filling?  They are great for a busy night and fun for kids to put together!   To make them quicker I either cook and shred […]

Leave for work in the morning and come home to a healthy steak dinner!

“This is an AWESOME IDEA!”  A steak dinner in the Crock-Pot!  And not the kind where everything takes on the same flavor but a true steak, potato and corn on the cob dinner.  How might this be done you ask?  Well it is quite simple and only 4 ingredients are needed. Yep, ONLY 4 ingredients! […]

Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls! Healthy, delicious and fun!

I am a BIG fan of spaghetti squash! I love the stringy vegetable. However, other than baking it and serving it as a side dish or with spaghetti sauce and meatballs or chicken Parmesan I was at a loss of what to do with it…. Then I thought Burrito Bowls!!!! You have to clean and […]

Oatmeal Bowls: Quick and easy prep! Healthy too!

Winter means chilly mornings! I love my Shakeology for breakfast but there are days when something quick and warm for breakfast or a mid morning snack is in order. Something that will, as my mother used to say, will stick to your ribs. For me that is oatmeal. A steamy, fruity, slightly sweet bowl of […]

One skillet dinner! Easy to make and quick to clean up. Not to mention it is delicious!

There are days when I get home late, have a million things to do and need to put together a quick healthy dinner that tastes delicious and will also satisfy my husband and grand kids. I do have several requirements for cooking on these whirlwind days.  Not only is quick and easy preparation a must but […]

Skillet Pumpkin Granola: Quick, easy and yummy! You control the ingredients!

I love granola! And it is pumpkin season so why not make pumpkin granola! I love to layer granola in yogurt parfaits or even eat it by itself.  My granddaughter Kate, a picky one year old, will eat granola by the bowl! The issue with store bought granola is that it is often high in sugar […]

Almond Espresso Protein Balls! Sure to satisfy a craving for something sweet

I have been seeing and reading recipes for protein balls. I kept telling myself that I was going to give one a try but have not gotten around to it until the other day. I was looking for a little something sweet to munch on, to satisfy a craving as I kept seeing all the […]

Who says you can't eat pancakes on a healthy food plan?

Blueberry Pancakes….Comfort food, happy, warm and cozy! That is what I think when I think of pancakes! Not to mention thoughts of a lazy Sunday morning, bacon sizzling and coffee brewing… I am drooling already.   Another favorite of mine is pumpkin. (I love everything pumpkin) So why not combine the two? And make them […]