Exercising on the beach! Fun in the sun!

At the Beach? Working Out is Easier than You Think!

By on August 17, 2017

We are at the beach for the week! I will admit that I will not be doing my regular workouts but that doesn’t mean I will not be getting a workout in! Chasing two grandchildren on the beach is a workout in itself!

The sand provides resistance, using up more calories! That said, the beach is a great place not only  to relax but to also get some exercise in without realizing it! Plus exercising on the beach has some advantages:

  • The sand provides extra resistance! It gives a little. And by providing extra resistance it burns MORE calories!
  • The beach is easier on your joints. Exercising on a hard surface is tough on your joints. The sand helps absorb some of that shock being kinder to your joints. My aging body greatly appreciates that!


There are lots of ways to exercise at the beach. 

Frisbee, volleyball and other games are fun ways to get that workout in while at the beach.Water Activities: Swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking…. Note: floating doesn’t count.

Group Games: Volleyball, paddle ball, Frisbee, soccer… Note: Make sure you are actively playing. Standing around pretending to play, drinking a beer doesn’t count.

Hunting for shells combined with squats will get you legs in shape in no time!Be a Shell Seeker! I love to collect sea shells. This can be turned into a great workout. Combine walking with doing squats when picking up those treasures from the sand. You will tone those legs in no time!


Beach buckets filled with sand or water help you get a great workout in!Resistance Training! Use buckets of sand or water as dumb bells. It is easy to adjust the weight. Just add or dump!

Walk, Run, Jog! These standby workouts are even more challenging in the sand!

Exercises! Getting in sit ups, planks, push ups, stretches and even burpees on the beach will keep you feeling fit!


Yoga on the beach!Don’t like to workout alone? Check around, there are often classes on the beach such a yoga. How fun would it be to do a Yoga class at sunrise or sunset on the beach?

Other tips… be careful! The sand is an uneven surface and the sun is hot! Don’t forget to put on sunscreen!  Getting burned is not fun and is dangerous. 

Above all remember that vacations should be fun! You may not do your regular workout routine but it is a place you can easily enjoy yourself while getting exercise in! And exercise should be fun!


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