Healthy, happy, 4th of July: No regrets!

Happy Healthy 4th of July Tips: No Regrets!

By on June 29, 2017

The long 4th of July weekend is upon us. That means time with family, adorable grandchildren, friends and an outdoor food bonanza!

You have been working hard to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  Often after a weekend of food, fun and celebration we feel regrets for making not so healthy choices, giving in to apple pie, ice cream, mayonnaise laden salads, chips, dips and more…

But it doesn’t have to end that way! Here are some tips to help you stay on track this holiday weekend, enjoy your food and wake up on the 5th feeling proud and excited that you missed nothing but the guilt and regrets!

Enjoy your family, celebrate and keep it healthy! Tips to avoid regrets this holiday weekend!None of the tips are life shattering, mostly common sense but easy to forget in the preparation and celebration.

  • Don’t skip meals:  We all think skipping meals so we can enjoy more at a social gathering is a way to save on calories. However this usually leads to poor choices due to hunger and low blood sugar.
  • Wear snug fitting clothes: A simple reminder not to over eat.
  • Eat before you go:  Eat a low calorie snack that is high in protein and fiber before you head out to festivities.  This will take the edge off hunger so you aren’t famished when you arrive and ready to shove anything into your mouth.  My secret to not over eat is to drink a Shakeology shake before I go.  One of my favorites is: Chocolate Raspberry Frappuccino Shakeology!  Other options include veggies and hummus, yogurt  and fruit, or nut butter and celery or apples.
  • Drink a glass of water or seltzer water before eating: Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst so drink a glass or bottle of water before eating.  It will also help fill you up a bit!
  • Grilling vegetables is a great choice for healthy grilling!Check out the buffet before filling your plate:  A lap or two around the buffet line will allow you to survey the offerings first so you can make healthier choices and decide what treat food you will choose a small portion of.
  • Opt for a small plate: An age old tip. Grab a plate from the dessert table. Smaller plate = less room for food = smaller portions
  • Eat healthiest foods first: Especially fresh veggies! The fiber will fill you up leaving you less hungry and less apt to over eat calorie laden foods.
  • Go bun-less: Skip the bun or choose a whole wheat bun.  Bring some if you know you don’t want to skip the Enjoy your burger without the bun!bun.   By skipping the bun you have room for other carb foods such as grilled corn on the cob!
  • Grill lean meats or veggie burgers: Less fat equals fewer calories!
  • Go Nitrate Free: What is 4th of July without hot dogs? Choose organic nitrate free hot dogs for a healthier option.
  • Think before you drink: Sodas, sweet tea, margaritas and other mixed drinks are full of sugar and…well calories.  Make sure and drink plenty of water. You don’t have to avoid alcohol but choose wisely.  Stick with wine or beer in limited amounts. Wine spritzers with seltzer water and ice are good choices.
  • Don’t forget dessert: But keep it small.  The difference between a large piece of apple pie with ice cream and Make healthy choices to stay on track this 4th of July. Tips for success!!a small serving can be lots of calories!  Better yet choose fresh fruit such as watermelon and berries or frozen fruit pops!! Check out these:Good for You Popsicles & Freezepops
  • Eat slowly and mindfully:  Think before you put anything in your mouth.  Avoid standing by the chip bowl so you don’t mindlessly keep reaching in and snacking on those crunchy calorie high delights! Remember people who eat more slowly tend to eat fewer calories! So chat away, chew longer!
  • Stay hydrated:  If you are outside in the heat you will need more water! And as stated earlier, hunger is often mistaken for dehydration!   Infuse it with fruit for a little flavor. So drink water and quench both thirst and hunger!
  • Don't forget to exercise on the 4th of July!Don’t forget exercise: Play Frisbee, horse shoes, bocce ball, corn hole, volley ball, swim or even take a walk!  If you are active you will have less time to eat and you will use up calories while having fun!

Follow these tips, enjoy the company of family and friends, make wise food choices, feel good about yourself and have a Happy Healthy 4th of July!

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