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Tips to avoid holiday party traps!

This time of the year can be challenging! All those parties and holiday meals can lead you to feel trapped into over eating or drinking.  We all indulge ourselves a little and should but that does not mean we can give ourselves a licence to eat and drink everything we come across.  This is especially true […]

One skillet dinner! Easy to make and quick to clean up. Not to mention it is delicious!

There are days when I get home late, have a million things to do and need to put together a quick healthy dinner that tastes delicious and will also satisfy my husband and grand kids. I do have several requirements for cooking on these whirlwind days.  Not only is quick and easy preparation a must but […]

It takes a Village! It is never too late to make a change!

 They say it takes a village to raise a child and well I think it also is taking a village to help me on this crazy wonderful journey! I have written about my weight loss and have been meaning to share this part of my journey as people have asked but am little nervous.. So […]