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Skillet Pumpkin Granola: Quick, easy and yummy! You control the ingredients!

I love granola! And it is pumpkin season so why not make pumpkin granola! I love to layer granola in yogurt parfaits or even eat it by itself.  My granddaughter Kate, a picky one year old, will eat granola by the bowl! The issue with store bought granola is that it is often high in sugar […]

Almond Espresso Protein Balls! Sure to satisfy a craving for something sweet

I have been seeing and reading recipes for protein balls. I kept telling myself that I was going to give one a try but have not gotten around to it until the other day. I was looking for a little something sweet to munch on, to satisfy a craving as I kept seeing all the […]


Are YOU drinking enough water each day? I am starting a simple FREE Hydrate/Water Challenge on November 7th, where we will be monitoring our daily water intake with the goal of drinking half our body weight in ounces! As the weather cools down it can be even harder to drink enough water. The goal of […]

Who says you can't eat pancakes on a healthy food plan?

Blueberry Pancakes….Comfort food, happy, warm and cozy! That is what I think when I think of pancakes! Not to mention thoughts of a lazy Sunday morning, bacon sizzling and coffee brewing… I am drooling already.   Another favorite of mine is pumpkin. (I love everything pumpkin) So why not combine the two? And make them […]

Tips and Tricks for a healthier Halloween!

Happy Healthy Halloween! Halloween is that time of year when kids, young and old, can collect and eat as much candy as they want! But with the obesity rate rising and the increased chance of cavities from sugary delights this holiday can be a frightening one! And for those of us trying to eat clean […]

You can't be anything but happy when you have a cupcake! Especially these rich chocolaty spiderweb cakes!

Cupcakes are those sweet delights that put a smile on your face! They make ordinary days special and holidays and special occasions downright delightful!  How can anyone be sad when they have a cupcake! So this Halloween I was determined to make “cleaner” cupcakes. Most cupcakes are full of  “scary ingredients” such as processed ingredients, […]

A little salty, a little sweet! A perfect treat!

Fall marks the start of holiday celebrations! These Cinnamon Maple Glazed Pecans are perfect for serving for folks to nibble on or to give as a hostess gift. I have tried to cook glazed pecans before and always seem to over cook them.  My kind husband says they are a “little brown” but lets be […]

These cupcakes may look like dessert but don't let looks "trick" you! They are a savory main dish, sure to please kids of all ages!

I absolutely love Halloween! Love decorating, in fact as I write this I am making comments to my husband about getting those decorations out! With our grandson Finn being 3 and visiting often, I love having fun with food especially during holidays and Halloween is no exception! He was all about eating cupcakes for dinner! Meatloaf […]

A healthy, festive stew for a cool, crisp fall night.

Cinderella is not the only one who likes a good pumpkin! This time of year I love all things pumpkin! When I came across a recipe for stew with pumpkin I had to try it.  It is actually cooked twice. Once in a pot and then baked in the oven inside a pie pumpkin. Not […]