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SHAKEOLOGY CLEANSE Seriously! During our last 3 day Shakeology CLEANSE one of our participants lost 8#s in the 3 days! NO, that is NOT normal! Most people only LOOSE 3#s. They do see a DRASTIC decrease in the mid belly FAT. If you have been eating poorly, hit a plateau and just need that extra PUSH this […]

Grilled Peach and Mango Salsa! Fresh, fruity and healthy. Pairs perfectly with grilled fish, pork and chicken.

Grilled Fruit isn’t just for dessert! Try a grilled fruit salsa! I love fruit salsa’s on grilled fish and came up with this recipe when I was experimenting with grilling fruit.  It can easily be adjusted to your taste. Grilling the fruit and peppers adds a unique taste to the salsa.   We tend to […]

Healthy Grilling! DIY Seasonings - perfect for summertime grilling on the 21 Day Fix Plan!

Summer time is one of my favorite seasons! Food always tastes better cooked on the grill! Cooking on the grill can be healthy and fits into the 21 Day Fix Plan so easily. Seasoning mixes are a great way to add flavor and variety without adding calories and using those precious containers or teaspoons on […]

We all want to grill smarter and healthier. Tools and gadgets and common sense suggestions can “tip the scales” in your favor!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love kitchen tools and gadgets. Grilling is no exception.  A grill is a given. Choosing between gas or charcoal is a personal choice. But what other tools or gadgets help you grill smarter and healthier? Below are our favorite tools for grilling as well as tips for success! […]

Healthy Grilling Tips: Drilling is great fro healthy clean eating. Here are some tips!

While we are all excited that grilling is healthy it is important to note that there are two nutritional downsides to grilling. Grilling favorites often include very high-fat meats and sausages.  These grilling choices add more calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol into our diets. Grilling also presents the potential risks of cancer-causing compounds: polycyclic […]

Grilled Steak Perfection! Grilled steak with herb seasoning. Healthy and clean!

You have fired up the grill and purchased beautiful steaks.  Do they fit into a healthy menu? How do you grill the perfect steak?  Grilled steak actually does fit in a healthy, clean eating meal plan. Just be mindful of your portion!  And there is nothing better than a perfectly grilled steak! Steaks on the […]

A quick, delicious healthy meal! Perfect for a clean eating meal plan like the 21 Day Fix!

For a quick and hearty dinner fire up the grill! Chicken tenders are a quick and easy tp prepare. They aren’t your ordinary chicken when cooked on the grill! A flavorful marinade or favorite seasoning mix elevates chicken tenders to the next level.   They are quick and require little fuss. Just sprinkle them with salt, […]

Chicken and Apple Burgers! An unusual burger that is bursting with flavor and healthy!

It is summer and that means dinners and cookouts with burgers as the main course.  As the summer goes on do you get tired of the same old turkey burgers and hamburgers? Then fire up the grill and try grilling chicken and apple burgers. These burgers were recommended by my friend, neighbor and fellow coach, Lisa […]

Health Black Bean Burgers! Enjoy without guilt!

Move over hamburgers! Make room for black bean burgers!  Hamburgers are a staple for the grill in the summer times. But grilling isn’t just for hamburgers!  Black bean burgers are a great meatless option! These burgers are full of flavor, moist and glutton free.  Some black bean burgers tend to be dry but not these! In place of […]

Basil, Scallop and Peach Kabobs - Healthy dinner perfect for company!

Living on the coast we are seafood lovers! And living in the south we are peach lovers! So why not combine the two?  These Basil, Scallop and Peach Kabobs are succulent and flavorful! The basil adds just the right touch (who doesn’t like fresh basil?).  Don’t like scallops? You can easily substitute peeled uncooked shrimp […]