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Almond Latte Frappuccino! I love the flavor of almond and this shakeology recipe has it all!

I love quiet Sunday mornings! They are a great time to relax, re-group and to plan for the week. They are also the one day that I have time to enjoy my Shakeology in a fancy glass! This Almond Latte Frappuccino Shakeology not only looks elegant but tastes divine! Natural fresh ground almond butter and […]

Chocolate Raspberry Frappuccino! Tastes like dessert but has superfood nutrition for the day!

Beachbody recently released a new Shakeology flavor Cafe Latte! It immediately became my top favorite!  I love frappucino’s but have avoided them due to the calories, sugar fat… But now with Cafe Latte Shakeology I can drink frappuccino’s and not only enjoy them but know that I am actually having the most nutritious meal of […]

Coconut Almond Latte Shakeology! If you love frappuccino's you will enjoy this!

Cafe Latte is my new favorite flavor of Shakeology! It tastes just like a Frappuccino when blended with ice and water or unsweetened almond milk!  increasing ice makes your shake thicker and using almond milk makes it creamier! I love almond and coconut so adding it to my cafe latte Shakeology  made a perfect Frappuccino! […]

Quick Korean Beef! It is easy, healthy and takes only 20 minutes to put together!

Have you ever rummaged through your refrigerator and freezer looking for something to fix for dinner? Something healthy but with a lot of flavor?  Something quick? But you can’t seem to find a thing?  That was me a few nights ago. I seemed to have a refrigerator, freezer and pantry full of food but could […]

This bloating feeling is just one more symptom of menopause. It is closely related to an increase in intestinal gas and fluid retention caused by, you guessed it, those pesky fluctuating hormones.

Are there days when you just feel fat or fluffy?  Or you start out feeling fine but by the end of the day feel 9 months pregnant?  Or your pants fit fine in the beginning of the day but by the time night rolls around it seems like they shrunk? And let’s not forget being […]

GETTING THOSE ZZZZ’s: Many women as they approach menopause, are in the thick of it and even after menopause have difficulty getting a good night sleep.

Many women as they approach menopause, are going through menopause and even after menopause have difficulty getting a good night sleep.  I am one of those women!  I toss and turn and throw blankets on and off…During this time in our lives lack of sleep is primarily impacted by those pesky, irritable hormonal changes and its […]

Those pesky hormones! They wreak havoc with our bodies turning us into someone we don't know.

Have you looked in a mirror and wondered how your mother got in your house without you knowing? Are you experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and bloating? Do you have a metabolism that has just stopped or gone into slow motion mode?    It is not you. You are not going crazy! It […]

Fit Fab 50! An accountability Group for Women over 50

In the “good ole” days you rarely heard any women discuss menopause.  I know my mother did not.  I never heard her complain about hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, feeling out of control or WEIGHT GAIN !!!!  I did not hear her talk to friends about it.  There were no talk-radio discussions, television talk […]