Ugh! When the Scale Won't Budge! Tips to get the scale moving in the right direction.

Ugh! The Scale Won’t Budge!

By on February 21, 2016

Do you ever feel like smashing your scale to bits or throwing it in the trash? That might not be a bad idea! Stepping on the scale and weighing more than you expected or seeing no weight loss is so disappointing! Especially when you have been working hard to eat healthy and get regular exercise.  I get so frustrated when the numbers don’t change or go up!

Although the scale isn’t moving, how are your clothes fitting?  If I feel good, I have learned not to pay that pesky scale too much attention.  When you eat healthy and exercise your body benefits in other ways than the numbers you see on the scale. A lower heart rate, reduced belly fat, or improved your cholesterol numbers are a few important numbers not seen on the scale! Start taking measurements or a picture so you can see how your body has changed even though the scale got “stuck”.  And being able to fit into a smaller size? That’s a milestone worth celebrating! So ditch the scale or at least limit your visits with it!  Below are some tips and ideas I have found helpful when the scale is stuck!

Check Your Calorie Category

If you have lost weight check to make sure that you are in the correct calorie category.  As you lose weight you may have to adjust your calories to the next range down. 

Plan and Prepare

GO back to basics.  Write your menu plan down for the week and post it where you can see it. Then shop for groceries and prepare for the week. These are key for success. Here is a menu planning template for your use: sample menu template

Portion Control

If you have gotten into a habit of “eye balling” your portions, go back to measuring. You may be eating more than you should and not realize it. The 21 Day Fix is perfect for keeping your portions in check!

21 Day Fix Tip: Drink your waterAre You Drinking Enough Water?

Make sure that you are drinking half your body weight in ounces.  For example if you weigh 150 pounds you should be drinking 75 ounces of water a day. If water isn’t your favorite drink, jazz it up by infusing it with slices of cucumber and lime or watermelon and fresh mint…

Keep a Food Diary/Tracker

Write down everything you eat and drink.  A cup of coffee with creamer?  Write it down.  A piece of hard candy?  Write it down.  Just a little spoonful of ice cream? Write it down. Recording everything you eat and drink will make you more aware of what you are eating.

Up Your ExerciseIncrease your exercise to lose weight!

Increase your pace when walking, buy heavier weights, use fewer exercise modifications… Try a new activity or sport.

Find a Support System

A solid support system is important when you need that extra push to keep going or push you past that plateau. Whether that’s a friend with similar goals or a significant other who just knows how you’re wired, or an online challenge/accountability group find someone you can be honest with about how you’re doing. Challenge groups provide a unique accountability system as you having someone to check in with daily or at least a few times a week. This helps you remain accountable, provides support, motivation, ideas and may help you stay on track when faced with temptation. If you are interested in joining a challenge group contact us at:

Create New Habits

Focus on creating new habits rather than worrying about old unhealthy habits. Forming a new habit can be easier than of breaking an old one.  So if you have a habit of eating cookies or cake after dinner every night swap it out for fruit or yogurt.  

21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey! Arrange shelves so that healthy choices are accessible and are what you see first!!Clean up Your Environment

The environment plays a huge role in our eating habits.  Set up your kitchen for success. Get rid of tempting foods or move them to the back of the cupboard.  Check out these kitchen tips for success.

Stop Dwelling on Your Diet

Do your best to stay on track but remember that life happens. You go to a friend’s house for dinner or your child makes you a yummy dessert….  Keep track of your food, portions and workouts, but remember there’s more to life than your diet. Stay involved in activities you love and have an active social life.

Non-Scale VictoriesNon Scale Victories

When I get on the scale and the number is not what I want, it is so disappointing!  This can lead to wanting to throw the towel in…to eating a bag of potato chips… Avoid falling into that fatalistic mindset by having non-scale victories to strive for – skipping a cocktail when you are out to dinner, doing 5 extra crunches, or touching your toes.  Celebrating these non-scale victories can help you maintain a sense of control, power and achievement.


If we concentrate on our health, we will lose weight.  Keep the emphasis on eating healthy, clean foods with portion control and exercising. Everything else that is supposed to happen will follow.

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