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Italian Vegetable and Turkey Meatball Soup: This is a healthy, hearty soup full of vegetables. It is perfect for a clean eating menu!

Winter time is a great time for soups!  My husband prefers soups to be chunky and thick.  Actually he prefers them to be more of a stew than a brothy soup. And he likes them to contain some meat.  He is a good sport and eats my meatless meals without complaint but I try to cook […]

21 Day Fix Exercises modified...more!

  If you have any kind of physical injury or limitation some of the exercises on the 21 Day Fix program are HARD to do! Really they are just plain hard for even healthy people! So we have tried to create some ways that you can modify the exercises so you can still follow along […]

Just because we have adapted a clean eating lifestyle we have not given up our Sunday morning breakfast or foods we love.

Sunday Mornings!!! Sleeping in, relaxing and cooking a proper breakfast! In the past this would have meant eggs, thick fluffy pancakes smothered in butter and sweet maple syrup with a side bacon and/or sausage.  And don’t forget the fresh brewed coffee.  I can smell the bacon cooking now! Just because we have adapted a clean […]

Ugh! When the Scale Won't Budge! Tips to get the scale moving in the right direction.

Do you ever feel like smashing your scale to bits or throwing it in the trash? That might not be a bad idea! Stepping on the scale and weighing more than you expected or seeing no weight loss is so disappointing! Especially when you have been working hard to eat healthy and get regular exercise. […]

Cleaned-Up Valentine Cupcakes! Simple sweet and contain no refined sugar, oils or wheat flour!

Who remembers making Valentine cards out of lacy doily’s, construction paper, glue, tissue paper and glitter?  I also have wonderful memories of Valentine baking with my mom. Cookies, candies and cupcakes were always on her list and she never hesitated to let us help. The kitchen had flour and sugar everywhere when we were done as well as […]

Healthy Crock-Pot Chicken Cacciatore! Italian goodness that fits right in with a healthy clean eating plan like the 21 Day Fix!

I love Italian food ( I love all food) and despite the carbohydrates involved I am determined to enjoy all the things I love!. So tweaking a few recipes and substituting whole wheat pasta and other gluten free pastas are in order.  I have found that except for the color, whole wheat pasta and quinoa […]