Menopause weight loss formula!

Menopause Weight Loss Recipe!

By on January 24, 2016

As I have written before I thought I was doomed to being overweight for the rest of my life. My little muffin top had Menopause weight Gain Recipeturned into a  bakery show case and nothing I tried seemed to help.  I blamed menopause….. It definitely wasn’t my fault! Eventually reached a point where I thought “This is it.. I just have to accept it”.  Except I couldn’t. I had a daughter getting married and gorgeous grandchildren that I wanted to be around for. So I pulled up my big girl pants and once again began the search for the secret formula for beating the menopause weight gain.
A friend (young friend) told me about the 21 day fix and Shakeology. I looked into it decided I liked the idea of counting containers. I wasn’t sold on Shakeology – but did the math and decided that the challenge pack was worth a shot.  After all I could cancel it and I fully intended to do so before the month was up.  And I have never been a fan of protien drinks!
I also remembered Bette Midler in the movie “Ruthless People” where she played a rich socialite whose husband had her kidnapped. She was over weight and while held captive began to do workouts on the TV. She became smokin hot! So I figured if Bette Middler could do it, just maybe those 21 Day Fix exercise dvd’s would work.  I had no time for a gym and was embarrassed to go to one as I was so very out of shape. Therefore those 21 Day fix exercise DVD’s were very appealing.
So I ordered the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack. I was nervous and a bit worried about throwing money away once again on a new diet… The 21 day Fix Challenge Pack includes your entire program, portion containers, Shakeology, shaker cup, nutrition plan, exercise DVD’s (there are seven 30 minute routines and one 10 minute ab routine with modifications for those of us who need them…).
My 21 Day Fix and Shakeology arrived. I think I spent a week trying to plan my menu and getting up the courage to try the Shakeology before I began – on my own! 
21 Day Fix ContainersI loved it counting colors (containers was easy) and the weight started to come off. I was sore from the exercises and cried when I couldn’t touch my toes or even jog in place or do a regular jumping jack but I stuck with it. I became stronger could do more each day and felt great! No more daily indigestion (in fact it was a rare occurrence). I felt good and was happier and more confident and was even enjoying Shakeology, it was actually good. 
I eventually found a coach and joined challenge groups that provided the encouragement, ideas and motivation. I had a whole group of people who had confidence that I would succeed! And I did! It was not magic or quick. Eventually I realized that this was no longer a diet but had adopted a whole new lifestyle. I am not perfect with it, I enjoy a treat now and then, skip a workout but always jump back on! 
ShakeologyAs for Shakeology, I never cancelled my order. It is probably the healthiest meal of the day for me!  It reduces my cravings, fills me up and tastes great! I know I sounds like a commercial but every penny has been worth it! Forty -six pounds lighter, I am more fit than I have been in years! I was in a tight size 16 heading toward 
18’s. Now I wear 8’s and 6’s! Who can put a price on good health?
I now coach to help others. It worked for me, give it a try!  To join me in this journey against menopause weight gain contact me or fill out the form below!
Menopause Weight Loss Recipe
There is no magic formula for losing weight especially during menopause but this worked for me!
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  1. 21 Day Fix
  2. Shakeology
  3. Challenge/Accountability Group
  1. Follow the 21 Day Fix Plan (Food and Exercise)
  2. Replace one meal daily with Shakeology
  3. Join a FREE 21 Day Fix Challenge Group
  4. Repeat
  1. The result is weight loss (even during menopause) and an even more fabulous you!
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Beating menopause weight gain: before and after 21 Day Fix

And my daughter’s wedding? I walked down the aisle in a gorgeous dress that I never dreamed I could wear!

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Sara Lynn

December 18, 2018 @ 18:35


I love the fact that you suggest natural ways for us to find, to relieve the symptoms.
Nothing is worse than toxic chemicals in our body.
There are many ways, as you suggest to help with symptoms, especially hot flashes.
I started writing for a Nutriceutical company, and learned that indeed natural remedies are available. I read about Black Cohosh and Ashwaganda roots, which are herbs and plants, and that they were used by ancient cultures.
Since I was experiencing menopause symptoms, I was glad
they gave me a supplement to try, called MEGAPAUSE. It had the natural ingredients I mentioned . There are several like it on the market, and worth trying, in addition to having a lifestyle of eating whole foods, eliminating sugar and processed foods and moderate exercise.

I will put a reference link below to the Megapause supplement, to see the ingredients.

Hope this helps.

Sara Lynn

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Hi! This is Donna. I am a grandmother, mom, wife, and a teacher. I also love cookbooks, love to bake and really enjoy food! At age 56 I have developed a love of fitness after losing 46 pounds on the 21 Day Fix! I have always struggled with my weight! When menopause struck and things got totally out of control... My weight only went up not down. My muffin top turned into a bakery shelf. I desperately wanted to lose weight and improve my health. I wanted to be able to play and keep up with my beautiful grandchildren. Nothing I tried worked until I found the 21 Day Fix. Now instead of a tight size 16 I wear a comfortable 8 and even some 6's! At age 56 I am in the best shape of my life. My current goals are to improve my strength and to continue toning my body. I along with my daughter, Danielle, am here to help you reach your own fitness goals! You are never too young or old to become fitter, healthier, and stronger!

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