21 Day Fix Stress Free Menu Planning. Pick 5 meals and you're done!

21 Day Fix: Stress Free Meal Planning

By on January 12, 2016

21 Day Fix: Take the stress out of menu planningTake the Stress out of Meal Planning!

One of the most difficult pieces of the 21 Day Fix Plan to get used to is Meal planning. It takes time and thought. And sometimes it is hard to find the time and energy to figure out the container puzzle! This is not only true for those who are new to the 21 Day Fix but also for us seasoned “Fixers”. Meal planning is also the area that support is requested for the most often. It is truly a puzzle to make all those pretty colorful containers fit nicely into your menu!

We posted in a previous blog about meal planning. However to further simplify t21 Day Fix Meal Planning Puzzlehings to help with this often overwhelming task we have come up with  pick and choose menus. We tried to include enough variety so that there is something for everyone. We have made a pick and choose list for the four calorie brackets.  

It is simple to use.  From your Pick 5 menu list you choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 snack A and 1 snack B. You do not have to count containers as it is already worked out for the day.

The exception is the blue container and teaspoons. The blue container is used primarily for cheese, avocado and hummus. You only get one a day. However you can divide it in half if you want. For example you may want avocado on your sandwich and cheese on your salad. If so use 1/2 blue on your sandwich and 1/2 blue on your salad. The same goes for teaspoons which are fat. Account for teaspoons used in cooking as well as eating.  Refer to your 21 Day Fix Guide to know what goes in the blue container and the teaspoons and make substitutions as needed. You can experiment all you want with herbs and seasonings just beware of using too much salt. Herbs are your friend and add flavor as well as variety to your food so have fun with them.

Step 1: Calculate your calorie range so you know which menu to use. To do so refer to your 21 Day Fix book or use the formula below:

  1. Multiply Your Current Weight in Pounds x 11.  (Example: 150 x 11 = 1650.)
  2. Your Baseline is the number you came up with in step 1.  Add 400 (Fix Calorie Burn) to that number. (Example 1650 +400 = 2050
  3. Subtract 750  (Example 2050 – 750 (your calorie needs) = 1300)
  4. The number you calculate from Step 3 is your 21 Day Fix Calorie Bracket (Example: 1300) 

NOTE: If the number you calculated in Step 3 is below 1200, you should round back up to 1200. If your number was above 2300, then you should round down to 2300. DO NOT go below 1200 calories and DO NOT go above 2300 calories.

Step 2:  Identify the Pick 5 Menu Plan for your calorie bracket: 

Pick 5 Menu Plan 1200 – 1499

Pick 5 Menu Plan 1500 – 1799

Pick 5 Menu Plan 1800 – 2099

Pick 5 Menu Plan 2100 – 3200

Step 3: Pick and choose your meals from the menu plan in your calorie range for the week.

Record your meals on a blank menu form.   A blank menu form can be found here:  general menu form.     You can eat the same thing for meals everyday or switch it up. The choice is yours. You can also determine when you will eat your snacks. The menu form is for recording your meals so you know what you will be eating and can prepare ahead of time. That is KEY to SUCCESS!

You are now ready to shop, prep and enjoy your meals!

We hope that this will relieve the stress of meal planning by simplifying things when you are just starting out on the 21 Day Fix or are crazy busy! If you would like additional support, menu ideas, tips, motivation and accountability consider joining one of our upcoming Challenge Groups.


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