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Spring Rolls my new favorite way to eat vegetables on the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan!

These beauties are my new favorite! They are so versatile and fit nicely into the 21 Day Fix Plan.  Salads get boring and being on the road all day these are a perfect dish to eat on the go!  I can easily control what goes in them and tailor them to my taste preference.  I often […]

Healthier Asian Dipping Sauces: Who doesn’t love to dip! Those dips can sabotage a healthy meal, snack or appetizer. Don.t fall off your healthy eating plan to dip, make these healthier versions.

Chips and dip, vegetables and dip….Who doesn’t love to dip! However those dips can sabotage a healthy meal, snack or appetizer. When we eat Asian or Thai foods we also love to dip and drizzle! Asian dips are a standard on our table when we eat spring rolls and lettuce wraps.  It seems to elevate the dish […]

Menopause weight loss formula!

As I have written before I thought I was doomed to being overweight for the rest of my life. My little muffin top had turned into a  bakery show case and nothing I tried seemed to help.  I blamed menopause….. It definitely wasn’t my fault! Eventually reached a point where I thought “This is it.. I […]

These Easy Fish Tacos with Mango Avocado Salsa are a regular on my 21 Day Fix Menu! They are simple and quick to make and oh so good!

I love me some fish tacos!  It is one of my favorite dinners.  They are full of flavor that explodes in your mouth without being too spicy.  These Easy Fish Tacos with Mango Avocado Salsa are a regular on my 21 Day Fix Menu!  They are simple and quick to make and oh so good!     Make […]

Cannoli Dip: A delicious decadent treat that fits perfect into the 21 Day Fix!

OMG! This is my newest favorite snack! If you know me you know that I do love sweets! When I began this health and fitness journey I decided that to be successful I needed to continue to enjoy myself. This includes yummy sweets and treats!   This recipe fits the bill! It is rich, delicious, […]

Frugal Fix Challenge Group: Learn how it is possible to eat healthy on a budget!

Eat Healthy on a Budget!  I often hear people say that eating clean, and healthy is too expensive.  However, eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot.  You can eat healthy on a budget!  You can follow the 21 Day Fix and other healthy eating plans without over spending on groceries.  If you don’t believe […]

21 Day Fix Stress Free Menu Planning. Pick 5 meals and you're done!

Take the Stress out of Meal Planning! One of the most difficult pieces of the 21 Day Fix Plan to get used to is Meal planning. It takes time and thought. And sometimes it is hard to find the time and energy to figure out the container puzzle! This is not only true for those who […]

Turkey Wrapped Asparagus Spears is a great choice to serve or bring to a party and stay on track with a healthy eating plan. It can be easily incorporated into the 21 Day Fix Plan.

I am never sure what to bring to a party. Something that is delicious, different, impressive and healthy.  Not a run of the mill vegetable or cheese and cracker tray.  Not your colorful fruit tray…  We love asparagus and have always like bacon wrapped asparagus spears so I decided to clean them up! Asparagus wrapped […]

Chick peas aren't just for hummus! Try roasting them. A yummy snack on the 21 Day Fix Plan!

Chick peas aren’t just for hummus! Try roasting them. These little roasted morsels are so tasty! They are nutritious and low fat. They have saved me from reaching into a bag of potato chips when I needed something crunchy to eat. They are great to serve at a party in a cute bowl. They can […]