I admit it, I love my morning coffee! But is coffee ok to drink on the 21 Day Fix? The answer is yes! By makin a few simple changes in your morning brew you can continue to enjoy it as you strive to reach your health and fitness goals!!

Cleaning Up Your Morning Cup of “Joe” for the 21 Day Fix

By on November 8, 2015

I admit it, I love my morning coffee!!! Especially on a cool rainy morning like today. But is it OK to drink? And most importantly does it fit into the 21 Day Fix Plan?

The good news is that coffee is acceptable on the 21 Day Fix Plan and even has some good benefits for our bodies.  It is filled with antioxidants which are helpful in reducing the effects of stress.  Coffee can also help promote fat burning. But that doesn’t mean you should drink a whole pot!

Drinking coffee for pleasure is acceptable but not in desperation for energy or to keep you awake.  And while coffee has its benefits it can also be a hard on your body if you drink too much or add a lot of extras to it. The good news is you can clean up your morning cup of “Joe” to be healthier for your body.Make a healthier cup of coffee! You can have coffee on the 21 Day Fix. Making a few changes in your morning cup will result in a healthier start to your day!

  • Use Organic Coffee: Why? Because coffee consumption can be a significant source of pesticides. Organic coffee is free of pesticides. Once I learned that pesticides are widely used, I switched to organic coffee. 
  • Decaffeinated: If your choice is decaf consider “Swiss water process” decaf. It is a non-chemical method of decaffeination. 
  • Skip or Upgrade Condiments: Skipping sweeteners, creamers and milk is a nice thought…. However, this girl has tried it and can’t quite drink her coffee black.  So I have decreased the amount of condiments I use.  I measure rather than just pour those oh so good add ins.  I use just a tablespoon or two of a non-dairy milk such as organic soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk.  I also have stopped using all artificial sweeteners. I usually taste the coffee before adding sweetener because sometimes I can do without it. When a I need to add a little something sweet I use a natural sweetener such as honey or agave syrup.  And I use only 1 teaspoon, measuring it out so I don’t get to heavy handed. Read out our post on sugar substitutes for more information on healthier choices.
  • Use Unbleached Filters or reusable filters.  Another option is to try a French Press. I love my French Press and even bought a little hand grinder to grind the coffee beans myself. It makes a lovely smooth cup of coffee.
  • What about the water?  Use distilled water  for your coffee when possible.  It is free of minerals and “junk”. It has no taste and will allow the best coffee flavor to come through. 

Continue to enjoy your coffee YOU deserve it!

I love my morning coffee and it can fit nicely into the 21 Day Fix meal plan with a few changes to make it a healthier morning brew!

Try our Cleaned-Up Pumkin Muffins, they go great with a cup of coffee in the morning! Or check our or list of 21 Breakfast Ideas for the 21 Day Fix Plan.


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