21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey!

21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix

By on November 11, 2015

These tips are a bit different than your usual culinary tips for success on your diet or healthy eating plan. We all know what we eat and how much we eat significantly impacts our bodies and health.  However, did you ever consider that you’re eating environment (not just your table) also has a significant impact on our eating behaviors?  Or that you can actually “design” your environment to result in greater success as you strive to improve your health and fitness?  Well you can!  There are even research centers dedicated to this topic! This is how the “single serving” size of snacks came to be.

Below are 21 tips and ideas to re-design your kitchen or eating environment to tip the scales in your favor!  We have implemented many of these in our homes and guess what? They do work!  We also have found that making changes little by little also eases the rest of the family into this new lifestyle without them noticing or grumbling. So make a plan and redesign your kitchen!

21 Kitchen Tips for Success!

  1. Make you kitchen less lounge-able: The more you hang out in the kitchen the more you will eat so do the unthinkable – move the TV and computer out of the kitchen (and the lazy boy chair too….).
  2. If you are getting ready to paint your kitchen remember that bright colors cause agitation, causing us to eat faster and more. Dark colors cause you to linger longer, and of course pick at food, eating more. Choose a color that isn’t too bright or too dark.
  3. Clear your counters getting rid of the clutter. Don’t have tempting food sitting out on the counter. It is too easy to grab a handful of M & M’s as you walk buy a candy dish or to stick your hand in the cookie jar for just 1 little cookie.
  4. Give produce center stage! Make beautiful, colorful fruits and vegetables the centerpiece on your counter. It will not only look good but encourage snacking on healthy food.21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey! Make fruit center stage on your counter!
  5. If you have open shelves in your kitchen, put anything but food there. Cook books or pretty pottery are better choices.
  6. If you have glass cabinet doors don’t have a box of chocolate cookies there to tempt you every time you walk by. Dishes, vases, anything but food are better choices!
  7. Ditch the junk! Clean out your refrigerator, pantry and cupboards. Also keep at least 1 healthy emergency meal in the freezer for those days when you just can’t be bothered to cook.
  8. Use clear containers, bags and wraps for storing healthy food in the refrigerator and pantry. Pre-cut veggies and fruit for snacking should be visible.
  9. Store unhealthy or cheat foods in solid, non-see-thru containers, bags, or foil. You are less likely to eat unhealthy or high calorie foods if you don’t see them. Out of sight, out of mind!21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey! Arrange shelves so that healthy choices are accessible and are what you see first!!
  10. Along the same idea as above, make sweets and unhealthy snacks (if you can’t get rid of them) hard to find. Re-arrange the shelves of your pantry, refrigerator and cabinet so that the first foods you see are the best for you. Keeping healthy foods on display will help you make better choices.
  11. If you purchase large boxes/packages of foods from a “big box” store, divide the product into smaller packages. Bigger packages cause you to eat more and serve larger portions.
  12. Swap your dinner plate for a dessert plate. Another option is to purchase vintage or antique plates. I bought a set of vintage jadeite “Jane Ray”plates from the 1950’s. These are much smaller in size than modern plates which tend to be super sized. Your plate size will help control your serving size. They are also pretty and great conversational pieces!
  13. Unless you are drinking water use smaller glasses. Tall skinny glasses are also a good choice.
  14. Use smaller serving dishes, bowls and platters. Research has shown that if larger bowls and dishes are used people tend to take larger servings than if the same amount of food is in or on a smaller bowl or platter.
  15. Put away large serving utensils. Research has also shown that those who used a large serving spoon ended up taking more food (and eating more) than when smaller serving utensils were used.
  16. Fill plates from the counter and put leftovers away immediately (even before sitting down to eat).
  17. 21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey!Scent your kitchen for success! The smell of vanilla has been found to significantly reduce cravings. If you want to keep some serving bowls on the table keep the salad or vegetables on the table.
  18. Pile your food into a tall pile on your plate; it will look like more food.
  19. Aroma therapy in the kitchen: Research has shown that the smell of vanilla significantly reduces cravings for sweet foods and drinks.  A vanilla candle or a diffuser is a good choice.   You can also try placing 2 caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup or  a small oven proof bowl. Place it in the oven at 300 degrees for 1 hour and within 20 minutes your whole house will smell so good!
  20. Get some fridge-spiration! Find a picture of an outfit you want to wear or a picture of yourself that you want to get back to, a motivational quote, and stick it on the fridge to help motivate you!
  21. Water, water, water! Fill a pretty clear pitcher with water and lemon or lime slices. Place it in the refrigerator in full view. You will be more likely to choose water as a beverage.21 Kitchen Tips for Success on the 21 Day Fix! Ideas for designing your kitchen to help you be successful on your health and fitness journey! A clear water pitcher with sliced lemons in the front of your fridge will result in you being more likely to reach for water as a beverage choice!
    If you are looking for ideas for snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner check out our easy, simple suggestions!

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