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By on October 3, 2015

A Challenge Group can help you stay on track and stick with your program so you will SUCCEED! Who doesn’t need help!

What are theses groups? We have groups on Facebook where you will be provided with daily tips and be asked to share how you are doing each day. The tips vary based on which group you are participating in. Some are things such as decluttering your life, 21 day fix programs with eating tips, increasing your self confidence, etc. By posting, even if you make mistakes, others are supportive and can help you with ideas to keep going and make better choices the next day!

What’s the COST?

Nothing! The groups themselves are free. However the requirements to participate in each group vary. Some groups simply require me as your free coach while others require you to purchase a challenge pack which consists of exercise DVDs, menu planning, and shakeology. Costs vary, fill out the form below and take a peak at our favorite exercise programs on our other post. Click on the program to read more.








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Juli Cooper

January 17, 2016 @ 16:07


Hi, I will be turning 47 in July and I bought the 21 day fix a couple months ago and never used it… I am really finding it hard to lose weight and I was wondering if you could help me? I need to lose weight for health .. Thank you for your time.. I need to get serious..

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Hi! This is Donna. I am a grandmother, mom, wife, and a teacher. I also love cookbooks, love to bake and really enjoy food! At age 56 I have developed a love of fitness after losing 46 pounds on the 21 Day Fix! I have always struggled with my weight! When menopause struck and things got totally out of control... My weight only went up not down. My muffin top turned into a bakery shelf. I desperately wanted to lose weight and improve my health. I wanted to be able to play and keep up with my beautiful grandchildren. Nothing I tried worked until I found the 21 Day Fix. Now instead of a tight size 16 I wear a comfortable 8 and even some 6's! At age 56 I am in the best shape of my life. My current goals are to improve my strength and to continue toning my body. I along with my daughter, Danielle, am here to help you reach your own fitness goals! You are never too young or old to become fitter, healthier, and stronger!

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