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By on August 8, 2015

21 Day Fix Family Style

Hey welcome to our blog. It is a family collaboration!

Family style 21 Day Fix

This all started when the time came to drop some pounds and get rid of some of those old aches and pains. Mom/Nana found the 21 Day Fix fitness program and began this journey. The pounds slowly came off for both her and Dad and as their muscles got stronger the aches became less and less.

Fast forward to about a year later and Mom & Dad look great and feel awesome. I finally gave birth to my newest family addition and we (the husband and I) needed to shed some pounds. We dove into the 21 Day Fix program and with the best Coach (Mom). With her help we were successful at dropping the pounds and getting

Now we have all changed to a much healthier lifestyle! Less fried food, more veggies, and lots of active fun!

Our family is VERY excited to help others eat healthy, get fit, and reach their goals!

Cheers to the healthy life!


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Hi! This is Donna & Danielle. We are a mother daughter team working towards weight loss, healthier eating, increased fitness, and more active lives (and are taking our families along for the ride with us!). We want to support others in achieving their goals too!

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